Jade Summit Presents:


Set amid forests and grassy fields, Jade Valley is nestled in Deer Creek Watershed Basin, near the end of a long dead-end private road on sizeable acreage, breathtakingly landscaped around the buildings.   The land then gently slopes down to a flood plain, kept as a pristine nature reserve surrounding Deer Creek.  Overlooking this immense landscape, is a huge ancient oak tree with its own perfect canopy of deep shade.  The Fung Shui of this area is remarkable.

JADE VALLEY conjures Asian sentiments; giant moss covered boulders are strewn about a Peace-filled oasis amid a sprinkling of bamboo and Japanese maples. Nearby, the rushing sounds of Deer Creek waft through the pines, cedars, spruce and oaks that populate this rare land and mostly 'undeveloped' property.  

A spacious 2200 square foot Japanese (inspired) country home with separate Tea House make Jade Valley a perfect location for day-long or overnight retreats for both local and non-local participants alike.    

Accommodations are simple, timeless, and elegant.  Antique furniture and ceramic wares accent the interior and service equipage of the spacious, custom built structures.  


Jade Valley will begin this month (NOV 2016)  hosting TEA AND MEDITATION retreats of varying lengths for a very limited number of people for each event.  These experiences will feature the highest quality JADE SUMMIT TEA (as well as antique ceramic wares) with the meditations drawing essentially from Zen and Taoist traditions.

The location will also be home of a soon-coming TEA SCHOOL and JAPANESE CULINARY ARTS INSTITUTE.  Please stay tuned for updates on these... and more.

Please join us in any of the upcoming events at this new incredible location only ten minutes from downtown Nevada City.  Please contact us for more information.

Please check upcoming events for more info



Jade Valley Presentation Room

Jade Valley Land