Jade Valley front garden area


JAde Valley tea arts

Jade Valley Tea Arts is the home for our private academy of Classical Tea Arts, and the main hub for a new Tea- growing industry in Northern California.  We are developing a one-of-a-kind school, focused on the traditional arts and culture of Tea, being the only school of its kind in the West.  We are also beginning to organize the re-opening Jade Summit as a franchised teahouse/cafe/shop Nevada City and elsewhere, tentatively planned for Spring of 2018.  Jade Valley is located just 10 minutes from downtown Nevada City on breathtaking acreage, with a stand-alone Tea House to receive guests.  We also have several idyllic outdoor locations onsite for Tea and Meditation in a pristine and private park-like setting, where we also conduct some of our private classes and events.  We are currently building our base network of the Sierra Tea Growers Alliance, and encourage any potential investors or farmers to please get in touch with us about this very lucrative and historic project. 



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