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Jade Summit Tea

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Private Tea Sittings

Rare Tea Tastings & Private Tea Ceremony


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Puerh • Green Tea • Matcha • Black Tea • Oolong


Tea School & Cultural Center

Jade Summit Tea
Jade valley tea arts
Nevada City, CA

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Our Vision

Jade Summit offers a high-end, focused selection of whole-leaf Teas and a hand-picked,  hard-to-find antique Asian Tea ware collection rarely seen anywhere.  Here, the inexperienced can be introduced to Tea in a simple framework that is 100% accessible.  We are dedicated to the highest standards for Tea and wares – something not often found in the exploding world of Tea.  For those who’ve only known ‘tea bags’ as the representative of Tea Culture, this is where you can connect to a surprising world full of Discoveries and Treasures.

Private Tea Ceremony

To sit in an authentically traditional space, and drink the highest level Teas out of antique wares in an accessible yet fully PRIVATE TEA ROOM is truly rare.  Tea Service is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To preserve the ‘timeless’ moment that Tea offers, a Private sitting allows for more uninterrupted focus, and a private exchange, where each one is also responsible for oneself.  It thus can inspire equanimity. 


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