About Jade Summit

In the Spring of 2014, MJ Greenmountain – whose 18 year journey as a practitioner of the Way of Tea was just entering a new era – was phoned by a friend about a for-rent sign in the center of downtown Nevada City.  Two months later, with loads of encouragement and community support, Jade Summit was birthed.  Converting a large portion of MJ’s personal antique collection to store stock, plus tapping 15 years of established relationships in the Tea world to source the highest quality whole leaf Tea, Jade Summit set off to a stellar beginning.


With the concept of operating a high-end Tea & Antique Shop alongside a fully Private Tea Room (active during the shop’s closing hours),  as well as developing a Cultural Center to offer education in the Tea Arts,  Jade Summit presents itself as a local access portal to the Essence of Tea.


The core ‘mission’ of Jade Summit is to share of the Love for the Ancient Tea Traditions and rich culture, the practice of sitting with Tea and its deep and diverse history, while growing a community of dedicated Tea Lovers who gather regularly to imbibe in Tea’s deep Mind/Body/Spirit Medicine.


Housed in a 160 year old brick building in the heart of the Historical District of downtown Nevada City – the original epicenter of the California Gold Rush of the mid 1800’s – the store front location is an oasis of Nature and Peace in a busy commercial area, and a Treasure Trove of many kinds.   Truly, stepping into Jade Summit one is immersed in timeless beauty.


We make the Tea experience accessible and viable for both novice and seasoned Tea People alike. We cater to all budgets, and help one to find what they are seeking, whether it’s an exquisite set of 250 year old Chinese celadon cups, or a $20 ounce of Taiwan Oolong Tea, a 150 year old Japanese Tansu, or a $10 ounce of Jasmine Green Tea.  And for the experienced Puerh drinker, we offer a rare selection of vintage Shou and Sheng varieties from the early 2000’s, the 1990’s, the 1980’s and older.

Jade Summit is here to serve, educate and inspire. Please come visit us.

About MJ Greenmountain

MJ is the sole proprietor of Jade Summit in Nevada City. He has had a deep lifelong relationship with Tea, and a daily disciplined practice for the last 16 years. He spent many years under the tutelage of an Elder Master and Scholar in the SF Bay Area and has also had the opportunity to sit with many Masters from various Tea ‘schools’ of China, Japan and Taiwan. Deeply knowledgeable and heart-centered, MJ focuses on harmonizing the array of historic Tea cultures into his Practices, and transmits the Ancient “Spirit” of Tea in all aspects of his life. Widely known for his professional music endeavors, MJ moved to Nevada City in 2012 to raise a family and deepen his community healing works.